Boosting is the act of smuggling drugs via rectum. usually in a plastic capsule.
As much as he hated it, Rob had no choice but boosting the coke in order to avoid it being detected at the airport by authorities.
by The Ego Killer August 13, 2010
Boosting is when you have a turbo car & you boost it by accelerating and it increases your speed twice as fast or more than if you had a naturally aspirated car. It's so much fun hitting boost & everyone looks at ya car when ya boosting it.
(Driving down the main straight of town & *Jamie yells out the window of his N/A Subaru RX)

"Stop boosting your car, it makes my lil 4 cyl rice burner look like a bagger".

(Me)"My car has boost, I can't help that Im constantly boosting it. It's fun!"
by Amanda572 January 22, 2008
To show off. To brag.
That kid is boosting with his soccer skills.
by Dorathy Todo September 25, 2006
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