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to be pressed or siced up about something, to be real happy; word used mostly in PG County, MD and Washington DC
im boosted as shit, i got got tha new jordans!
by Jessica Gogohead May 05, 2006
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excited about something
We got no school tomorrow
I'm so boosted!
by peter bakke December 05, 2004
The act of stealing or pick pocketing, usually in reference to stealing a car.
Jimmy boosted the porsche at the mall.

Jon boosted the goods from mary's room.

Someone boosted my wallet!
by Z November 09, 2004
1. A vehicle that has some type of forced-induction
2. A vehicle that comes stock from the factory with a turbo, that has been upgraded and now is fast as a biznitch.
3. A word used to describe how cool somthing is (used in the ranks of ricers/tuners)
1. Did you hear that jimmy is gettin' his car boosted?

2. Dewd, did you see how boosted that supra was?

3. Man your new house is boosted off its nut.
by Rubix May 23, 2004
Phrase shouted obnoxiously when another individual has been hoisted on his own petard.
(Three guys walk into a bar)

Paul: Hey John, that shirt looks pretty gay on you.
John: O yea, well your boyfriend got it for me.
by Paul Hlatky April 12, 2007
To be extremely intoxicated or high; under the influence of a substance that causes happiness


Guy 1: "That girl is such a bitch."
Guy 2: "looks like she needs to get boosted!"
by Kronos_660 July 23, 2014
you either hype or just excited because somthing good happend.
"i was boosted when rare essence was on mtv"
by MOE OFF DA BLOCK August 05, 2007

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