1. Feeling off your game to the point where everything else goes wrong

2. In gaming, getting someone to raise the level of your account so you can have better stuff/play with better players.
1. Dude I completely missed that free-throw, now I'm missing everything! I'm so BOOSTED!!

2. Man, that dude sucks! He must be boosted if he's playing with us!
by TheBoostedDreamer June 23, 2016
Phrase shouted obnoxiously when another individual has been hoisted on his own petard.
(Three guys walk into a bar)

Paul: Hey John, that shirt looks pretty gay on you.
John: O yea, well your boyfriend got it for me.
by Paul Hlatky April 12, 2007
you either hype or just excited because somthing good happend.
"i was boosted when rare essence was on mtv"
by MOE OFF DA BLOCK August 05, 2007
see soprano for usage

2. Helped to climb a wall
3. Impregnated
1: see soprano

2: "Boost me over this wall so we can skate here man, that's a sick 7 flight

3: Guess.
by id February 03, 2004
Another word for tea-bag.
"Ooh! I boosted that hoe today."
by Kira W December 21, 2006
Meaning good. Usually said in approval of an idea,statement,plan etc
Buzzup : Want to go to the Union and session ?
Prangers : Boosted !
Buzzup : Lets Go !
by Sanch May 06, 2004
When you're high, then something that brings happiness to you occurs, and your high suddenly increases.
you have another blunt on you?! I'm boosted! smacked high happier
by The Versace Bandit October 19, 2015
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