To get large or macking air on a sandboard, snowboard, surfboard or skateboard.
"I Just got a sick air off that jump."
"Did it Booshe?"
"Yes, yes it did."
by Luke Marshall August 16, 2007
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Someone who might put up a front or appearance to be down or all for what's going on, only to back out from some "random occurence" or "seriously" legit reason.
Bello: Hey Lisey what's going on, are you coming out tonight?
Lisey: Nah sorry I can't my toe hurts and I don't feel like walking
Bello: Come on you've been saying you'd come all week and now you're backing out?
Lisey: Yea my thumb is killing me I can't even move it
Bello: I thought you said it was your toe
Lisey: Yea, I got to go
by Belllo April 10, 2005
the sound of a person's head exploding when they experience something entirely too epic to even comprehend beyond physical limits and probability.
Guy 1: Have you seen Inception yet?
Guy 2: Im going tonight...

End Credits of Inception: Guy 2's head explodes
by Derek O'Rourke July 21, 2011
the act of making a couch. verb form (booshing)
in noun form;(a booshe) a couch
proper noun;(boosher) someone who makes couches
"i love to booshe in my customers living rooms..."
"dude,why are you booshing in my room?!"
by luckylicker 123456789 June 06, 2009
To be struck,jabed,skined,stabed,brushed by the male sex organ.
Paulina was booshe severly and ruthlessly in a devious manner.

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