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Expression used by the X-ticles in the tv show "Frisky Dingo" to express awesomeness. Sometimes in intense cases it can even be modified to "BA-BA-BOOSH" and can be used in daily life during instances of pwnage or other extreme craziness.
"I love chinatown! BOOSH!"
by MrPersp3ctive August 22, 2007
John L. Sullivan is the manliest man to ever live. He is known to many as one of the pioneers in the sport of fisticuffs or bare knuckle boxing. He was the original heavyweight champ and toured offering to knock anyone out for money. His all time record only inclued 2 losses. he also had a handlebar moustache that ranks with the greatest of them.
John L. Sullivan was the greatest fighter who ever lived and the pinnacle of manliness.
by MrPersp3ctive August 22, 2007
The tellepathic bond between twins resulting in simultaneously reciting the same thing and/or knowing what the the other twin will say or do.
"Those two have such great twintellect that they almost always think the same thing"

by MrPersp3ctive August 22, 2007
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