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boosh {bʷuːʃʷ} {bʷuwʃʷ}

1: Onomatopoetic word mimicking the sound of a cannon firing or a large mass splashing down into water. Popularized by the 2006 cartoon Frisky Dingo. Used to express awesomeness, to punctuate reality when situations call for it.

Appropriate for pwnage, victoriousness, excitement, physical collisions, mental collisions, being dumbstruck, awestruck, firing weapons, explosions... can also be used ironically, turned around when suffering extreme defeat, being pwned etc.

Appropriate to be used be a 3rd party not directly involved in the situation, but in witness to it, or hearing about it later.

Sometimes expanded to "ba-ba-boosh" when just one boosh isn't enough for the situation.

2: (much less likely) reference to The Mighty Boosh, a British comedy troupe, or their television show of the same name... you know, the one with Old Gregg: "I'm Old Gregg!! I got a man-gina!"
"Just aced my exam, BOOSH!"
"Your mom just aced *my* exam... Boosh!"

"Oh shit he's gonna crash into that tree! (crash) ...Boosh!"

"Hey Freddie, boss said we're getting double bonuses this year"
Freddie: "Ba-Ba-BOOSH!"

Toasting with da Dom Perignon, "Boosh"

Of course, when firing a weapon: "Boosh!"

Xander Crews: "That play was like, boosh!"

X-tacle (showing photo): "That's Crews, smashin' Ronnie's nuts.."
X-tacle2: "Boosh!"
by Tr1cki3 November 22, 2011
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