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Booshank means that something is very good. used as an alternative word for anything good, originating from the best prog in the world BO`SELECTA.
1:that girl is booshank(meaning she is fit as)
2:that kebab was booshank.
3:aivd merrion is booshank. or see `shatpank` meaning the same.
by daniel May 21, 2004
A celebraory term used when a person is particularly delighted at the out come of an event
Johnny you see the result it was proper boo shank
by I J Moore October 15, 2007
Thats a word that means good on the street "the bear" - Bo Selecta
Do you like my new trainers i fink there 'Boo-Shank'

See Also Shat-Pank
by The Bear August 24, 2004
Proper Bo, Very Good, Blingin', Shak Plank, awesome, the shit, brilliant.
this music is fooking boo-shank.
by Harry Parry December 11, 2003
1) Something is very very good
That dance you just did was just boo shank
by Andrew July 09, 2003
Booshank: an extreme exprsion of happiness, The word originated when someone shouted booshank from scoring high in thier German Exam, Booshank should only be used in an Extreme feeling of happiness!
(Booshank was created by Ob)
Person 1: Person 2 just beat the world record

Person 2: Booshank
by Tim doyle January 17, 2006
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