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A person who regularly drinks booze
"The booser is such a bitch"
by Ian November 11, 2004
1. A person who drinks too much

2. A Liberal person who claims that most Conservatives have lower IQ's, and yet, ironically, cannot distinguish the difference between the words "There", "Their", and "They're"
1. Dude, Jeremy is drunk again, he's such a booser.

2. Booser says: 'Their once was a Conservative who was so stupid that he found a bunch of Liberals and went to they're house and said that he would kill them all because that was what religious fanatics do when there crazy.'
by Are Jay Em September 30, 2005
A booser is a person who's always good at the things he do the first time.
"Wow I did it first try!"
"Jeez you're such a booser..."
by GetGoodWeed June 02, 2016
1) Slang for Friend.
2) A person who drinks regularly.
Hey booser. What's up?
Not much, just hanging out.

He drank 10 Tequillas in one night, he is such a booser.
by Booser March 28, 2005
A term used to describe a person jokingly; drunk
She's such a booser!
by Freddy August 03, 2003
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