A new drug craze spreading across South West America involving drilling into the body (usually the head or neck) with a sharp implement and then placing a drug- which would normally be smoked such as cannabis- into the wound and then lighting it. The drug is usally mixed with small amounts of a flammable liquid (Something which the user can easily obtain; usually aerosols)to intensify the effect (See Solvent abuse. The act is similar to that of trepanation and the term is thought to derive from the process and not the feeling of boredom. It is thought to be highly dangerous although there are no numbers of deaths published so far. Medically there is no evidence to suggest any hightened effect from using the drugs in this way (the opposite is probably true) and many experts hope that users will realise this and the craze will wear off.
Booring is a dangerous act and I would encourage you all not to take part in such an activity.
by District Nurse December 17, 2005
Top Definition
A splice of the English 'boring' and 'boor.' This delightful wordplay, suggests the combination of extreme boredom and a kind of passive rudeness that is so contemptuous as to make one wish to vomit. Syn: passe ennui.
That post-Lacanian treatise on Freud's top-left underwear drawer was so 'booring' as to make me vomit.
by snellite September 12, 2009

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