Spoken in light jest, humorous. An exclamation which highlights/Intensifies situations, verbs, adjectives or nouns, or it can be used as a adjective, verb or noun itself. Often negative, actual meaning depends on context and intonation when spoken.
(Upon a friend breaking something)
You're such a boont!

(Upon a negative event)
That's boont as!

(A friend poking you)
Stop boonting me!
by XKem July 04, 2009
Top Definition
Problems, errors, gremlins
What's wrong with the computer? I don't know, it's got boont.
by IMSancho May 09, 2004
A place only a Black Girl can get kicked in. The spot between the va-jay-jay and the booty hole.
oh damn girl, I just got kicked in the Boont" or "my man was hittin' it from the back; slipped out and hit my Boont
by Haleno December 06, 2010
Anything sick, cool, good or awesome.
"That was a boont party last night man."
by Diego July 29, 2003
The act of farting out of your penis. Similar to a Queef.
me: I was totally getting it on then all the sudden she stopped!

Friend: What happened!?

me: I totally Boonted...
by plaidbeaver April 29, 2011
A person you may hang out or associate with on a personal level; someone who you have no negative feelings towards
Heyyy boont! Thanks for buying dinner boont.
by Mika aka Shortcake February 23, 2014
The act of having sex.
Oh man, i'm totally going to boont the fuck out of that girl!
by Chumpasorus December 28, 2011
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