Someone who is able to ingest large quantities of alcohol and still function. (After David Boon, an Australian cricketer who drank 42 cans of beer on a flight to London)
He's done a boonie. He's drunk the bar dry.
by luke October 04, 2003
Top Definition
A party, with alcohol and sometimes drugs, held by underage teenagers way out in a remote desert area, where it's unlikely to attract the attention of the Sheriff's Department. Usually there is a bonfire for light and heat in cold weather. Synonym is "boondocker"; and "boonie" is a shortened version of the term "boondocker." These two terms are common in the southwestern United States, especially in Tucson, Ariz. "Boonie" and "boondocker" have been in use at least since the 1950s.
Man, I got wasted at that boonie last night.
by Clyde_the_Camel December 05, 2010
n: 1) usu "the boonies;" an area far from human development. 2) a soft wide-brimmed military hat usually worn in hot weather; also "boonie hat."
1) Don't bother coming out here since I live in the boonies.
2) Boonies are popular with American troops in the desert and American civilians in the outdoors.
by MaxBrains November 07, 2004
- a human who is greatly loved by another
- a sweet name that you call your sweetheart by .
- an affectionate term
Ruman, you are my boonie! I love you!
by meowmeowster January 03, 2009
Diving around in the middle of nowhere in order to smoke pot.
The dorm's smoke detector forced us to go on a boonie last night.

I thought the cops were following me on that boonie last night...turns out I'm just paranoid.
by Sarah_H November 24, 2007
Boonie - Someone who constantly smoke (Weed) and commits sexual acts for attention knowing it would put them in a awkward and|or bad situation not caring of there surroundings or values in life constantly saying I'm about that life.
She is Boonie man she always asking for some type of praise

You seen that Boonie girl last night she over with for sure !!!
by BeautyIsLife July 16, 2014
A type of hat worn in the military.
The soldier wore a camouflage boonie.
by Zadi March 03, 2004
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