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Intimate and inseparable friends. Has nothing to do with being someone's butt buddy.
E.B: Thank you so much for squiring me. These gentlemen being so obviously compelled by other responsibilities, such as scrutiny by former boon companions.

Dan: We was never your fucking boon companions, E.B.
by AlAboos February 26, 2008
a makeshift friend that you get placed in the same crummy situation with.
the people you talk to while in line at the airport are your boon companions.
the boyfriends of a bunch of girls who are all friends become boon companions.
by shanooligan February 17, 2007
your butt-buddysomeone you pack fudge with,usually used to describe Broke Back Mountain type of people
"Why don't you run back to your litte boon companion Mark, Irving???"
by BwareDaBrazilian May 05, 2006

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