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a mix of the word BOLAS in spanish and BOULE in French which both mean texticles. Term invented for Tequila Burritto Nachoz (a mexican yet french at heart chihuahua)
Like fuck this word can be used in many senses, verb, adjective, adverb, noun, proper noun...ect...
Kym: Omg look at Tequila's boolaz, dey are so big, for such a little son of beans with little pants.
Gato: dude your fucking right they grow every day!!!!!
by those two 14 year old bitches March 21, 2007
A northern england charver term for alloy wheels, normally used to describe waxa ones.
"Wooow looka at the boolaz on that saxo how pal" - Charva 1
"A naa pal it looks proper waxa like pal" - Charva 2
by MC 7INCHBACKBOX May 30, 2011
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