means wierd or unusual in some way
'yeh they had sex in a bus shelter...'
'a bus shelter?! hahh thats just bookie!'

'you are the bookiest person i know'
by mamimami January 26, 2011
Pronounced (boo-key); This is a person of Middle Eastern or Indian descent. They are so called, b/c when they speak, all it sounds like they are saying is bookie bookie bookie.
Hey man do you wanna go get a Slurpee from the store?
Yeah I'd love to, but I can't understand that smeely bookie behind the counter.
by C. Dub November 06, 2006
a female (bitch) rookie
Ehh she cant hang-fuckin bookie!
by M703 January 22, 2009
When one looks like shit, smells like shit, etc.
"Girl, I woke up this morning lookin' like bookie!"
by chiquitamarlita September 04, 2008
The state of there being too many books in a non-bookshelf location
I can't get into your bed, it is so bookie
by MadgeP December 07, 2009
Pronounced Boo-key.
Meaning Vagina.
"Did you wash your bookie?"
by Megan And Amber August 09, 2006

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