To get someone's number
I want to go book some boys at the mall today. I booked some boys when we went to Six Flags last week.
by Victoria S. August 17, 2007
1. To run real fast, like when da cops chasin you or somethin
2. To get them digits
(for def. 1.) This dude was buyin drugs,knowin he broke, he took the drugs and said he'll pay the dude da next day. So the next day, (dude still broke) and he saw da man he owed money to. The dude emade some sorry excuse about why he couldn't pay the drug dealer the money. So the drug dealer looked at him, and pulled out an AK47. Da dude took one look at da gun and booked!!!!!!!!
(def. 2.) "I booked like four niggas at ShoQuanda's party last night"
by Destinee March 03, 2005
slang for any kind of drug
dooood, lets get some books.
and get super educated.
by Brooke Book May 25, 2008
Girl term for a really hot guy.
Orginating from the fact of "checking out".
Cait: Don't even...
Dee: What?!
Cait: I saw you checking out those books!
by Badger-Dee January 08, 2008
running or escaping fast
i was booking when i saw the cops
by bhoookin' March 11, 2003
Something most people don't read
loololool who actually reads books? olololol
by acekilla379344335 February 12, 2009
A piece of literature that people read and write to make themselves feel smart.
"Hey john, did you read the book i wrote last year?"
"nah man, you aint smart, stop acting a fool!"
by MattStaff April 25, 2008

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