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cool: the first option given when trying to type 'cool' in a text message using t9
that chick thinks she's book, but she's totally hacked.
by mason March 26, 2005
1.) A place to call and place wagers on sporting events.
Abbreviation for Bookmaker.
Tony Lo, call the book, the Yankees are a lock tonight.
by Bids April 14, 2008
Noun : Many pages put together to tell stories, information ect.
Adj : To be super awesome and cool.
"Woah! Those beans are so book!
by The Cool Kids Club February 14, 2010
a synonym of the word cool. Due to "T9" text messaging. After numerous attempts to respond with the word cool, t9 always chooses book first. Resulting in a response such as "thats book" when meaning "thats cool". It sounds good so i started to adopt it in everyday speak, and it caught fire like a dry forest in california.
"did u see rutgers comeback to beat louisville."

by aTv November 17, 2006
1) An object full of paper with stuff written on it.
2) To run away.
3) Cool, because it comes first when texting on a phone with T9 when trying to type cool.
Ex. 1)
a: "I heard that book was good."
b: "This book?"
a: "Yeah, the one you're using as a coaster right there."
Ex. 2)
"During the party, the cops showed up and everyone started bookin'."
Ex. 3)
"Awesome! That's straight book, dude."
by Durty1425 July 10, 2008
a book is a place to let your mind run free from reality, you are given words that you can completely make your own with just the way you think. a book is one of gods greatest gifts. and with new technolegy the number of books is going down and with that so is the number of people with imagination. to many they are just words assembled on pages but to others they are a work of art creating their own world.
"why do you like books so much?"
" because when i read i go into my own little world, so i can escape from the horror of reality"
by Verocica roth April 17, 2014
A piece of your soul. Something that can break you and crush you, but can also make your life. Life's way of entertainment. The building block of otp fangirls anything book related. My life.
Me:Have you read any good books lately?

Friend: What are books?

Me:How are we friends
by Heyilovebooks February 22, 2014
A thing old people use to look stuff up
When John wanted to know what "endothelium" was, instead of googling it, he looked it up in an ancient, 47-lb book called a medical dictionary
by ecstatic_editor June 29, 2012