that thingy thats hanging outta your nose
ewww pick it nowwwww!!!
by abbieann June 03, 2005
the name of my dog. because he sneezes ALOT
EWWWW! BOOGER stoppp doinnng thattt!
by i lovv chocoalte July 10, 2008
A cry-baby, someone who snivels a lot. Mostly used for girls. Her enemies would use Booger as her nickname, to offend her.
"Look, the booger is coming" - used as a nick
by Antanas December 02, 2006
A slimy substance within your nose that is made up of silly little germs. When you sneeze the "boogers" come out and u look at them and say ewwwww....gross!!
My boogers a big and hairy.
by Kelsey March 13, 2004
Nose hairs, called cilia help to block out germs from entering the body through the nose. The germs stick to the cilia and form things called boogers. So whatever you do, do not eat your boogers, or you will get the germs!
Thank god for boogers!
by Annonymous Rhonchaus January 30, 2003
replacement fo any word
You fucking booger!
Kevin's being a booger.
by ShAwDi February 10, 2005
stuff in your nose that grose people eat!!
oh that person is eating a booger!
by Booooogar April 18, 2003

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