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The act of getting extremely inebriated
Nick and Adam got boogered at the Irish Pub last night, they didn't show up to work for 3 days.
by Nick4875 January 06, 2011
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Messed up, act of being messed up.
You boogered up my shirt.
by some guy November 18, 2002
A past participle used in the passive voice as an adjective to describe an actor or actress who will always be known for one role he/she played early in his/her career. More than just typecast, the performer is known for one specific role.

Origin is Curtis Armstrong's character Booger in REVENGE OF THE NERDS. People don't remember Armstrong's real name -- they only know him as "Booger."

Vaguely related to stereotyping.
"Hey, look! There's Frodo! He's been totally boogered." -- what to say when Elijah Wood walks by.
by Smilla Jas March 27, 2007
when you sneeze so violently that boogers shoot halfway across the room and stick to some random object....
Oh shit, i just boogered my boyfriend's sweatshirt!!


Oh man! Where's my booger? (seconds later...) Oh there it is....I boogered my own wall.
by Annie Firmin March 18, 2007
pronounced ( BOO gahd )

the state of being stuck in the mud or on a rock while mudding
we tried going through the pit and got boogered half way through
by maine rednecks October 22, 2007

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