Dude, let's hook up a little booger sugar before we go out tomorrow night.
by The Colonel July 18, 2003
Top Definition
I went to my dealer to get some booger sugar.
by Tisha April 29, 2002
another name for cocaine
he got caught up in the booger sugar
by Stacey Gil April 17, 2006
candy for your nose, cocaine
Boy, Pete looks like he could go for some booger sugar right now, to wake his ass up.
by Jacob Fist August 25, 2007
slang ter for cocaine
"that girl loves to party on the booger sugar."
by triggerpullin February 05, 2009
Slang for some type of drug inhaled through the nose.
No we didn't do LSD, we did boogersugar.
by Stealth Clobber December 05, 2007
Another name for cocaine or anything else that you snort through your nose.
I'm gonna snort a heap of booger sugar before I hit the clubs tonight.
by Liljimy69 June 14, 2014
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