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8 definitions by Tisha

I went to my dealer to get some booger sugar.
by Tisha April 29, 2002
326 54
socially acceptable alternative to "shitty"
Bob's car is shoddy- it breaks down every five minutes and the one mirror he has left keeps falling off.
by Tisha January 10, 2002
137 62
suspicious; can also be an activity bordering on criminal
Stacie: "That guy over there is seriously creeping me out."

Tracie: "Yeah- he's pretty shady."
by Tisha January 10, 2002
440 366
Scared; afraid
He's was madd petro when I was about to fight him, he almost ran away
by tisha October 21, 2003
79 33
something (an idea, person, object, etc) that is beyond ridiculous
The amount of reading my professors have assigned this quarter is ricockulous!
by Tisha January 10, 2002
21 18
(verb) meaning to tell one person a statement but really it is showing whom they are from personal experiences.
Person 1:: "You know what makes me mad?"
Person 2:: "When a man stays at your place, plugs you up, and doesn't even pay you?"
Person 1:: "Dude....are you reflecting?!"
by Tisha June 14, 2006
5 4
whas up?? How U doing??
whas good???
by tisha October 21, 2003
11 12