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(noun): Gay reference to a favorite sexual partner/boyfriend.
Saw you last night with Mr. Boofoo, and, man, he ugly! No booty an' he looks just like that hoAnne Coulter.
by Vermont Ferret February 15, 2005
the word boo foo means to butt fuck
Me and my best friend emily boo foo all the time!
by Angela June 21, 2004
Definition: BUTT FUCK
Background: Used in the eighties/nineties (at least where I'm from Chicago)
1)Boofoo Egypt
2)I wanna boofoo your asshole
by Mark November 29, 2004
a very or unknown place.
renuka:GIRRRL we should hit up Six Flags

nicole:Where's it at?


nicole:Girl i must be stuck on stoopid if u expect me to drive us all the way up to BOOFOO,il ,unless u finna gimme some gas money!
by sexynicole773 August 20, 2006
The middle of nowhere. Probably a shortened version of Butt Fuck Egypt which is also called BFE.
My house is in the middle of boofoo. It takes me an hour to drive to closest gas station.
by smellinellen April 09, 2007
excessive amount of spin placed on a tennis ball that the ball spins away from the person it was hit to.
Wow, that ball had a lot of boofoo on it!
by lee November 14, 2004
1.False, bogus, ACWOT (A complete waste of time)
2. Silly, childish

tr.v. boofed, boofosity
1. To have been tricked or hoodwinked
2. Sophmoric behavior, giddiness
1.Yo, that Keanu Reeves is totally boofoo, man.
2. Mrs. Smith, I'm afraid your son exhibits symptoms of extreme boofosity.
3. 50 bucks for THAT? You've been boofed!
by Kaye King December 30, 2003
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