To hog all the weed in a smoking session; to take too many pulls off a blunt at once.
Hey man, pass the weed stop boofing!
by peachbutterfly09 January 08, 2014
the act of taking it in the butt; having anal sex.
Mal got boofed by Nick last night.
by Andrea M. October 11, 2004
Boofing is a simple game of thrusting your genitals into another persons face, while doing so saying the words Boof! This means you have been boofed and you will have to boof them back.
georgie: (Thrusting her fanny in Andrews face) Boof! Boof!
Andrew: Arrr I have just been Boofed! I will have to Boof her

georgie: I love Boofing!
by Georgie & Poo bear August 16, 2011
the act of fornicating, usually the dirty kind. Or a sexual hook-up.
Where is Will and his girlfriend?
Adam: Probably boofing in my room.

also see boof & boofed
by Jacob 'da mackdaddy June 06, 2005
Two dudes going at it, in the butt.
Fuck a bromance, we're boofing!
by Mr. Etymology February 27, 2008
1.Getting tweeked out and still staying cute with it.
Petaaaa And Myself Where boofing last night while watching T.V. on mute and listening to DeadMou5.
by Charlie&Petaa November 09, 2009
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