A slightly halucinagic substance (aka the stickey ickey ickey) green, and sometimes red or purpleish if it's good, in color. It gives a euphoric feeling and sometimes makes you wanna fuck. Other names are Marijuana, Mary Jane, the funk, bud...and the list goes on and on for us pot heads.
Hey man...know where to get any good boodah?
by Mandi January 15, 2004
Top Definition
The best Gamer that ever lived. I think he won his first tournament in 1996. Continues to win them to this day and remains humble. Donated his prize winnings at WCG to third place so he could attend Korea with him.
I got beat by Boodah 46 - 5.
by cK-czm August 27, 2003
The real definition of q3
this guy invented the game
never misses a shot and is a god
by NoAim August 27, 2003
a form of god for the game q3
never misses a shot when needed
by NoAim August 27, 2003
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