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To get fucked up past the level of turning up
Hudson stays getting booched
by Ilikewolves69 July 23, 2013
0 0
Capuchin has booched the navigation
by Anonymous August 12, 2003
34 3
Hopelessly jacked; horked. Not working; broken.
My server is totally horked. No one can log in.
by El Defino December 08, 2004
10 6
Being booched is when you have a fish, and it turns on its side for an itch the side of the fish flashes you with a bright shine. You just got booched from a fish.
"Oh! I just got booched by my fish!"
"I hope a fish booched my friend while he was looking at the fish."
"Being booched by a fish is so much fun."
by shume and dojapotimus August 12, 2009
6 3