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A semi/fake bootycall where you get stuck at Second Base instead of a full base.

"-I thought I got a bootycall from Jane last night, but when we started I realised it was only a boobycall. She never let me past second base!"

"-I really wanted to send Tim a bootycall last night, but I had my periode so I gave him a boobycall instead."
by tezn February 03, 2009
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when you call up someone to play with their boobs or to ask an opinion about your boobs. mostly it just involves boobs.
hey carla yeah i called ashton up for a booby call it was the best one i ever had you should call him one time.
by unicornluver555 August 11, 2010
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when ya call someone up to see some boobies or have fun with boobies, usually the guy or girl plays with boobies
hey tom i went to jen's house last night for a booby call
by hotstuff555 August 10, 2010
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