When an item, be it living (God forbid) or inanimate, gets stuck between a woman's breasts. Sometimes it's an accident, sometimes not. Most of the time it's an accident. If the female subject is with other females, they call out "BOOBY TRAP!". Sounds stupid but it's really funny...
When Alice dropped the penny between her breasts, we shouted "BOOBY TRAP!".
Top Definition
verb. female equivalent of a cock block
Despite Dan's repeated request to Rosie to meet with her friend Lisa, he never met up with Lisa because Rosie booby trapped his attempts because she had a crush on him.
#booby #trap #cock #block #deny #prevent
by gtbarry July 20, 2008
A bra that's too small for someone
My girlfriend's been wearing the same bra since she was eleven years old. It's an A and she's a DD. She claims it's a booby trap.
by Mike the Ekim April 09, 2005
When a girl shows cleavage and/or wears a tight shirt in order to catch you staring at her breasts.
Booby Trap!!
#boobs #trap #girls #cleavage #tits
by Martin0786 February 11, 2009
a slutty girl that seduces you into having sex with her in attempts to give you an std or get herself pregnant.
Dave: "hey dude look at that hot chick over there shes checkin me out man"
Mark: "careful man thats carla shes a booby trap man best find another girl"
#booby #trap #slut #boobytrap #std #seduce #sex #pregnant
by MaskedRonin September 14, 2008
Oh man I spent all my money in the booby trap last night.
#strip club #boobie trap #boobytrap #church #boobietrap
by Pragerfrühling April 12, 2010
(adj.)An unavoidable obstacle which causes the victim to waste a small but valuable amount of time.

see booby
E.g.(1)- I just had to run into the mall to make a payment and there were booby-traps everywhere. First, the were little kids running into me, then the was a handicapped person in a wheelchair zig-zagging every which way so I couldn't pass by. It turned a 5 minute task into a 30 minute journey.

E.g. (2) - In a party setting, this term usually describes a woman "cock-block." I was kickin' it to Chelsea trying to land a late night hookup, and Marla (ex-girlfriend) came over and booby-trapped me. Telling me she misses me and sabotaging my whole operation. She completely blew my chances.
#obstacle #cock-block #boobie trap #girl friend #buzz kill
by Foster, Matt May 21, 2007
leaving a fart in a room or elevator so the next person walks right into it and gets a nice wiff.
i was on my way to the fourth floor when I booby trapped the elevator with my death gas.
#fart #gas #ninja dust #stank #sbd
by grimpin1 July 03, 2011
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