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What happens when a lady with big jugs is examining a bear trap display a little too closely.
Madonna: Ooooh, bear traps!
Store Clerk: DAMN, now that's a booby trap!
by Spork da dork December 11, 2008
7 9
verb. female equivalent of a cock block
Despite Dan's repeated request to Rosie to meet with her friend Lisa, he never met up with Lisa because Rosie booby trapped his attempts because she had a crush on him.
by gtbarry July 20, 2008
412 63

1. a concealed trap

2. to conceal a trap in something
They will probably booby trap the route. We will need a metal detector to avoid running over hidden mines.
by Light Joker October 20, 2005
110 22
A bra that's too small for someone
My girlfriend's been wearing the same bra since she was eleven years old. It's an A and she's a DD. She claims it's a booby trap.
by Mike the Ekim April 09, 2005
95 31
When a girl shows cleavage and/or wears a tight shirt in order to catch you staring at her breasts.
Booby Trap!!
by Martin0786 February 11, 2009
31 8
a slutty girl that seduces you into having sex with her in attempts to give you an std or get herself pregnant.
Dave: "hey dude look at that hot chick over there shes checkin me out man"
Mark: "careful man thats carla shes a booby trap man best find another girl"
by MaskedRonin September 14, 2008
24 8

To manipulate a man into a relationship by promising casual, "non-commital" sex

See venus fly trap
Guy1: She told me she only wanted sex?!? Now she wants me to meet her parents!?

Guy2: Bro, she booby trapped you lovely!
by puk February 23, 2005
29 17
When an item, be it living (God forbid) or inanimate, gets stuck between a woman's breasts. Sometimes it's an accident, sometimes not. Most of the time it's an accident. If the female subject is with other females, they call out "BOOBY TRAP!". Sounds stupid but it's really funny...
When Alice dropped the penny between her breasts, we shouted "BOOBY TRAP!".
30 22