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A bra that's too small for someone
My girlfriend's been wearing the same bra since she was eleven years old. It's an A and she's a DD. She claims it's a booby trap.
by Mike the Ekim April 09, 2005
verb. female equivalent of a cock block
Despite Dan's repeated request to Rosie to meet with her friend Lisa, he never met up with Lisa because Rosie booby trapped his attempts because she had a crush on him.
by gtbarry July 20, 2008
When a girl shows cleavage and/or wears a tight shirt in order to catch you staring at her breasts.
Booby Trap!!
by Martin0786 February 11, 2009
a slutty girl that seduces you into having sex with her in attempts to give you an std or get herself pregnant.
Dave: "hey dude look at that hot chick over there shes checkin me out man"
Mark: "careful man thats carla shes a booby trap man best find another girl"
by MaskedRonin September 14, 2008
Oh man I spent all my money in the booby trap last night.
by Pragerfrühling April 12, 2010

To manipulate a man into a relationship by promising casual, "non-commital" sex

See venus fly trap
Guy1: She told me she only wanted sex?!? Now she wants me to meet her parents!?

Guy2: Bro, she booby trapped you lovely!
by puk February 23, 2005
When someone/something gets trapped between a woman's breasts.
bobby was going just fine until he was booby trapped.
by Jacky5724 August 28, 2006