The act of going on internet chat shows and to find a female who is willing to show you there're camel humps
John-wise: "lets go boobing man"
Guest-858: "Whats boobing?"
John-wise: "its where you search for a girl to get her boobs out :D"
Guest-858: "I AM THERE!"
by ViMan January 14, 2011
Top Definition
the action of the hunt of the mamary glands. If one is to be slaped by one of the female gender this is considered a compliment. usually practiced in mating season.
im going boobing
let me come
by jiga the nigga December 12, 2004
Gently or firmly pressing one's boobs against another (or vice versa) in a non-sexual situation.
Sally: Your handwriting is terrible!
Joe: That's because you were boobing me as I was writing.
by Thuan Le September 09, 2007
The act of showing your boobs on camera
Anisa got banned from blogtv for boobing!
by JJay13 January 13, 2011
The G-rated term for titty fucking.
My face got in the way while I was boobing my boyfriend last night.
by chronic-shock July 10, 2008
The act of breast feeding an infant or older
I walked through the door to see my wife boobing the baby.
by Jayden Wyatt August 14, 2009
the art of clapping one's breasts together, creating a harmonizing sound.
Annie said, "when my boobles go boobing they produce sweet hypnotic music"

Athena exclaimed, "my mom walked in on me while i was masturboobing!"
by nighty September 15, 2014
(v) to create (esp. draw) boobs (esp. mostly unclothed).
He's the only one capable of boobing here.
by SirFartknocker April 09, 2011
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