Your significan other, who is your Boo and your baby; two pet names in one
My pet name for my husband is boobie.
by fancy_facie23 September 29, 2014
A term of endearment, used mostly for pets but can also be used for those extra special loved ones. Evolved from the popular "Boo Boo." The effect of the word is heightened by adding rhyming words at the end.
"Hello my cute little boobie doobie poobie boobie! I missed you!"
by Acinorev January 24, 2009
A Selfie which contains boobage.

* * *
Created after a friend complained about another friend leaving a lot of Selfies, containing boobage, on her phone.

Friend A: "{Friend B} took my phone and filled it with photos of her cleavage..."

Friend B: "So did not, I was taking selfies!"

Friend A: "Selfies with boobage!"

Author: " "Selfies with Boobage" > Boob-ies?

Friend B: "{Author}? I am glaring at you."
Whoa, you've got a lot of Boobies on your profile.
by Koeran November 27, 2013
A person who is gracefully elegant,charming and full of good taste. They are extremely rare due to their natural kindness. They are also very gentle, and lovers of beauty, harmony (both in music and social living) and the pleasures that these bring. However, they seldom brush their hair and often smell like old couches.
Boobie made a pie entirely composed of yogurt.
by Aeyo! March 26, 2008
The coolest barbie ever. A barbie with a penis and two boobies. And a bisexual brother named ken who's boyfriend and himself are nudists.
Boobie likes to bang bananas.
by emcubed March 21, 2008
The one and only rugged Himalayan. Boobie should be called booty instead.
Boobie has a big Booty!!!
by KR March 30, 2005
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