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Nickname for boyfriend or special person in your life.
Hey boobi what you doing today?
#boo #babe #daddy #sexy #baby
by Lena02 December 07, 2008
The fat between your arms and your boobs.
this dress makes my boobis' look huge!
that girl was so fat her boobis' made it look like she has 4 boobs
#dress fat #extra boobs #unattractive #hard to work off #a bitch
by Smelly Nelly April 02, 2008
The plural of Boob.
That bird has a nice set of Boobi
by Mustoe November 12, 2003
The Journeyman on a journey who drinks and smashes because he loves he is a nerd of darkness
that guy is not only weird, he is boobis
by Irving smallfield March 17, 2005
in reference to multiple sets of boobs. the plural form of "boobies"
I had a few of my closest friends over and my brother was stunned by all the lovly boobi in the room.
#boob-eye #boobii #boobies #breasts #boobs
by boobi twins January 14, 2010
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