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A derogatory term that is used to refer to the Hoover Criminal Gang.

You will see this word spray painted on walls in areas all across Los Angeles. Hoover Criminal Gangsters were formerly known as the Hoover Crip Gang.

Bloods, Crips and various Latino gangs in Los Angeles constantly clash with the Hoover Criminal Gang, and one of the words that they use to degrade them is Boober. Simply because it rhymes and sounds funny. So, if you see the word Boober in graffiti anywhere across Los Angeles, it's a derogatory reference to the Hoover Criminal Gang.
Blood #1: Wussup Blood? Some Boober-ass nigga was talkin' shit to me over on Slauson. I fuckin smoked that fool, fuck Boobers!

Blood #2: Dat's right dog... Fuck Boobers!
by coffee22022 June 28, 2010
A gorgeous,athletic, independent women thats has no imperfections .A female that lacks nothing and gives everything.
Guy 1: Look at that boobers. Its like none other I have seen before.
Guy 2: I would kill to bang a Boobers.
by All Day Ill'n September 07, 2011
Boobers (boob-er-s)- (1)a term often used to describe female's breast. (2) a term often used to describe when something is really lame
(ex. 1)
"I would motor boat the shit out of her boobers"
"yeah, I asked her out and she said, no (sigh) boobers."
by titieiessseesses August 25, 2009
When your boob get harder due to a sexual attraction to another human being/ or when it is cold outside !
Jill: Did you see Greg today
Tina: OMG! Yes, i got a major boober
by SexyBeast12xo December 16, 2008
someone who likes to/ frequently touches boobs.
"I don't know about him, i've heard he's quite the boober."
by the pooperscooper March 03, 2008
Boobs on a man, usually occurring from a un-healthy life stlye.
Gerry, you better start exercising, you're getting boobers.
by Naggole February 22, 2006
one who repeatedly posts in the dcp boobie folder
1. varta and hiva are extreme boobers
2. kaveh is a boober
3. we tend to make all new members boobers
by vartamelon November 14, 2004