More than just cleavage ; being able to see at least half of each boob when wearing a shirt.
person 1: Umm... Your shirt is a little low cut don't ya think?

person 2: No... Just shows off my boobage.
by lowcutshirtperson:) August 27, 2010
When a girl shows her cleavage, and leans over to talk to someone, completely unaware that her cleaveage is showing

Must be more then just cleavage though, has to be almost the entire breast
Dude, put your boobage away
by gagbagballsack42324 January 15, 2009
The size of a womans breast in which also includes perkines and bounce in reference to many women.
At the bikine contest the boobage of all the contestants was very good.
by Johnny Phoenix July 24, 2003
A woman breasts - specifically when referring to the type, style, size or quirkiness of her breasts. Usually used in a positive way to define "the girls" in question.
Her boobage was such that it couldn't be tamed even with an industrial strength Fredrick's of Hollywood bra.
What little boobage she had was choice.
My boobage is just going to rebel against the buttons on this blouse!
by JoCobs March 02, 2010
The overflow of breasts out of a bra. Can be in the cups, under the arms, or just general back fat.
The color of the blouse was pretty, but the excess boobage ruined the look.
by Sue Honey December 22, 2009
1. The act of getting breasts, or grabbing them.
2. "Stealing Second Base"
Will: I was making out with this hot chick and I got some boobage!
Stewart: Nice job man! Big pimping!
by 2134 June 23, 2010
The age at which a woman attains boobs (also fondly known as tits). This could be a post-puberty stage or just be socks stuffed inside a bra. Its the age she is most disposed to be oggled and drooled over by boys and men alike, due to the fresh acquisition of her assets.
Can also be used for the age some men attain boobs - could be extra fat or just a fetish for trans sexuality.
When Sadie looked in the mirror this morning, she realized she has hit her boobage.
by itschickita August 18, 2009
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