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Rhyming slang for Bradley Stoke - a large housing estate to the north of Bristol, UK, made infamous for crippling negative equity especially for first-time buyers on shared-ownership schemes during the property price crash of the late 80's early 90's, and where many became sadly broke.
They live in Bradley Stoke?

Actually, Sadly Broke
by andyb92 September 08, 2007
female equivalent of chap
the winebar was full of chaps and chapesses
by andyb92 September 08, 2007
The area of a woman's chest that encompasses the breasts (boobs) and includes any cleavage in between

It can also be applied to a male if he has 'man-boobs' or
'chest baggage'
The guy was so overweight his boobage was visible through his T shirt

The topless model had the most wonderful boobage
by andyb92 September 07, 2007

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