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Pink, rash-like condition on an infant's face, occurs after breast feeding. Most likely used in a funny way.
"Whoa, that baby has a severe case of boob-face, how long was he on?"
by papa eos March 02, 2008
Someone with big cheeks.
Look at Jennie's cheeks. She has such a boobface!
by filsonfan09 January 24, 2009
A male or female, whom is acting like a big Double D boob.
My boyfriend was being such a boob face the other day when he wouldn't come over.
by Blu Bird December 14, 2011
When a girl presses your face into her boobs.
My girlfriend gave me a boob face when we were making out.
by theninjameisterzero January 12, 2012
A person who is being difficult. Usually of the female gender.
My best friend Tori is being a real boobface right now.
by T1T$ MCG33 May 27, 2010
the girl with five mammary glands on her face...don't get her excited
are you excited excited boob-face
by loveable idiot 1 August 13, 2008
a person with big boobs and who knows it.

they will shove it in your face.
a slutty looking girl walks past. she has big boobs. someone yells "ohmygosh what a boobface!"
by Annie.Babe. June 15, 2007

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