another word for an injury for a child, like a scrape or cut
by Alice May 05, 2003
something that is very cute and adorable. it is used for someone who needs to be kissed and cuddled every second of the day.
you are my booboo!
by pranu87 April 13, 2012
to take a shit
Move bitch I gotta boo boo
by DJ MNKY January 24, 2009
A childing synonym for a mistake or a skin cut.
OW! I think I got a...cut the size of the Death Star.
by dj gs68 November 01, 2003
A word for a hater or someone who thinks they are better than it can also mean "you ratchet" the origin of this word is kendrick lamar in his song hood politics
I've been A-1 since day one, you niggas booboo
by urban.expert22 April 02, 2015
Also can be known as "B" or "Boo" - BooBoo's are a very elusive type of girl or "foxy lady". Out-going, funny, gorgeous, sharp as a tack and amazingly goofy - A BooBoo will clown your shoes while shooting milk from her nose (apparently they have amazing talents too!). Only the most friendly type who is truly amazing inside and out! This is a very special type of person indeed - only remember to watch your manners or you might find yourself cleaning the toilet with a toothbrush!
Only a BooBoo can twirl a baton while playing super mario kart with her toes!
by Jaximus Tartimus February 16, 2010
People who are scabs on society, pieces of crap, and accidents are known as Boo Boo.
"Oh my god Terry. Look at all the Boo Boos shopping at Walmart today!"

"Hey, get off the welfare and get a job Boo Boo!"

"Wow. Loose a little weight Boo Boo."
by wsimon98 July 04, 2013

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