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The living proof that Darwin's theory of the Survival of the Fittest doesn't apply in our modern era.
1. I wonder if Bono would've caused so much hype back in the dark ages...

2. Bono is a douchebag.
by Noum's evil twin September 30, 2008
37 54
The 2nd largest peice of crap in the world. weighs over 80 kurics. As seen in South Park
Bono didnt take the worlds largest crap his is the world largests crap
by Tyler Parizek October 14, 2007
42 60
The biggest Irish narcissist you will ever have the displeasure of coming across in your life. Not only is he the frontman of U2, he's decidedly the most irritating political know-it-all you'll ever see, plus he couldn't wedge himself any further up Bob Geldof's arse is he tried. And he can't count in Spanish properly.
"Who is that eejit?" "Oh, that's Bono."

"Uno, dos, tres, catorce..."
by Posh Birds Do It Best September 05, 2009
30 50
lead singer of the highly publicized group "U2".
what's the difference between Bono and God? God doesn't think he is Bono.
Bono does not sing well live.
by quintessential he June 02, 2009
18 40
Noun; A man who no matter how many good things he does still comes off as a huge piece of crap. This is because he actually is crap.

Origin of the word comes from an episode of South Park where Stan's dad takes the largest crap in the world.
Man, why are you such a Bono?

I don't care what they say, that guy is a Bono.
by Ronnie Kimbel February 24, 2010
10 33
Fat sanctimonious cunt from U2.

On an level with Bob Geldof in the "self righteous wanker" category.
Oh fuck. That prick Bono is coming to try and coerce you into giving your hard earned money over to the third world...
by ashley9505 September 08, 2009
22 45
Similar to that of a boner - Only in human form.
Men want to be him, and women want to be with him. Except he is a pain in the ass.
"i think i am a bono... does this mean i need to save the planet?"
by the_man_69 May 17, 2009
12 36