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When you make a water bottle into a bong.
Timmy couldn't afford a real bong or pipe or piece so he had to make a bongity.
by Jon McStoneson August 31, 2007
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When your really broke and you gotta rig up a piece to smoke some dank out of, you make a bongity. It usually consists of a pen, scotch tape and a water bottle. You often see dope heads of the highest level with much smoking experiance ripping an bongity, as well as bums kicking it on the street.
Yo Homie Im feinding, we need to whip up a bongity outta this arrowhead bottle.

Melt a hole in this bongity, we need to get this pen in there.

Dont drink all the water out that bottle, we need to make a true bongity.

by Sandysandwhich Yadidadi Sticky December 30, 2008

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