Commonly misspelt "bonger", refers to a person who frequently uses a bong for recreational purposes, often excessively.
That man is well known as a bonga.
by Doraniir July 17, 2012
Top Definition
3)eccentric or bonkers
3)funny as hell!!!!
4)nickname for a person with all three characteristics
persom1:hehe she's such a nutcase , shes bonkers
person2:mwhahaha yeah She's bonga!
by ZORKI ZORK November 15, 2005
used to describe a surprise that happens to a person.
also in completion of a task.
that car came out of nowhere and "bon-ga" t-boned her.


im gonna stay late and "bon-ga" this till its done
by daniel thomas June 19, 2006
When your balls hang lower than the length of your dick
man you bonga hangs low
by aaron September 30, 2003
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