One who plays for the other team, i.e. a homosexual; esp. one who enjoys the pleasure of male-on-male oral satisfaction
Do you think that man in leather kissing the man in the chaps is a bonesmoker?
by Shit Brick July 02, 2003
Top Definition
Homosexual who partakes in the act of oral sex with another fellow.
That Elton John is a big time bonesmoker
by Larryfun August 08, 2005
Someone who sucks dik
Rood boi 1- dat gal smokes bone
Rood boi 2- yeah shes gud at it
by stabbo massive and wat LT March 04, 2005
One who performs oral sex on a male.
She can really smoke the bone.
by Anonymous August 01, 2003
Someone who is actually addicted to sucking dick.
She is such a bone smoker. I can't tell what she loves more, cigarettes, or penis in the mouth.
by Richard Hatless June 10, 2008
a male homosexual fag faggot gay gayboy fudgepacker ass fucker queen Sometimes used in a comedic setting with one's friends.
Max: "Hey, could you bring a two-four with you when you come...oh ya, and a bottle of Cognac"
Scott: "I don't think so you fuckin' bonesmoker, buy your own fix!"

Guy on the street (sees a guy roller blading wearing a pink vale and white tutu): "Look at that fucking bonesmoker!!"
by psiscott April 08, 2006
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