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A colloquial term defining the male physiological/emotional dichotomy.
Q: Did you take that hot girl to Bonertown last night?

A: Nah, it was Bonertown: she wouldn't put out.
by James B...... August 11, 2007
1) A quick way of describing how hot someone or something is.

2) Something that gives an instant erection.
"Did you see that room full of hot chicks over there? Stepping through that door is total Bonertown."

"So we were making out last night, and she starts grinding her crotch against my leg. Bonertown."
by bonertron July 15, 2008
A sausage party, especially of the gay persuasion.
“Ah geez look at all these dudes up in here. It’s like we landed in Bonertown or something!”
by N-------------- November 05, 2007
Something you say for punching someone in the face for no reason at all.
After punching Jake in the face, Joe screamed "Bonertown"
by Frank Duess March 15, 2007
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