adj. modifying something equally exciting and provoking and as arousing as when a male animal of any species "pops" a boner (a hard yes sensitive penis) when it is ready to get it on or "make love" to another person, animal, or even thing.
1. "The Superman ride at Sixflags is bonerific." (modifying the Superman ride)

2. "That 7-year-old little boy over there looks bonerific." (modifying a 7-year-old little boy)
by rachie April 21, 2004
Top Definition
Variant of the word "terrific". The prefix boner, here slang for the male genitalia, acts as an intensifier. Usually used in reference to an attractive specimen of the female species.
1) "Woah, that chick was bonerific!"
2) "That girl's ass is bonerific."
by Der_Ritter September 23, 2006
able to make the male genital area rise with ambition
"aw man, when that girl Tia walks into the room, i can't help myself, she's so bonerific"
by Jen April 21, 2004
the girl is so fine everytime u see her she makes u pop a boner
jordan keene
by steven wilhelm May 16, 2004
when some thing is so good that it surpasses even terrific and goes in to a realm of greatness that can only be described as "Bonerific"
Man those wings were bonerific!!

Did u see that chik, she was bonerific.
by Moe-nerific August 24, 2009
When something is so terrific that it gives you an instant boner
That A I got on that test was simply bonerific!
by ThunderSturty November 30, 2009
Something which is 'Bonerific' if something you enjoyed, and want to do again.
You: How was that sandwich Sam
Me: It was Bonerific!
by Bonerific Sam June 06, 2010
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