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(N.) A fat ass, (Irv Gotti type of Fat) rapper who only got a deal through Nepotism, Favortism, or some other BS type of way. (the Jeffrey At-Kinns effect) All he does is screams like a madman, while stepping on buildings and all other types of s**t. His first breakthrough (and probably only hit) song is Ain't Never Scared.
Let's hope Bonecrusher, Baby, and all of the rest of the Southern Trash Rappers go away quickly, shall we? Oh and dumbass, "The South" consists of Lousiana, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, and the Carolinas, not Texas and California, stupid, even if they are southern United States.
by G-Union July 25, 2003
12 21
1)Slang for a fat, obnoxious, overweight black girl who has to PMS 24/7.
2)Erica C.
3)A ultra 1337 rapper who reps all the 600 pound people out there. He also has enough weight to knock 6 100 pound ppl down with one punch.
1)Ciely needs to shut up and stop acting like a fucking bonecrusher
2)Erica C. is a very fat bitch with a very bad attitude. She needs to grow up and lose weight before she can handle a man.
3)Hey, Bonecrusher, Killer Mike, and the Ying Yang Twins made this tight ass song about the club. Lets all listen.
by ericacantevengetdonkeystorapeher February 28, 2004
45 26
A firearm, usually referring to a handgun.
Stay back man, he's got the bone crusher-
by bypassomega April 09, 2007
27 9
Term used to describe a fat or overweight woman.
Take a look at bone crusher over there!
by Mason April 14, 2003
44 26
a wicked cool rapper.
i aint neva scarred
by Expo May 09, 2003
21 17
when a dope fiend gets a foreign particle in his rig and shoots the load, the result is not pretty -- agonizing pain known as a "bonecrusher"
Muthafucka, you gave me a fuckin bonecrusher with that dirty set
by deckbose December 01, 2011
2 1
a deeply-moving, emotionally soul-baring song which reduces the listener to tears.
the last song on the CD is a real bonecrusher, I cried like a pre-pubescent girl.
by rashy Mc rashy January 28, 2010
4 3
kizzy rapper
never scared
by josh December 08, 2003
14 13