A verb that means hit
YOOOO guy imma bomf you up in your face negro
by DDAANNIIEE August 31, 2005
Top Definition
An acronym for 'Back Off MotherFucker'. The term was coined by Welsh singer Marina & The Diamonds.
You can't call my bluff, time to BOMF.
by Dark Doo Wop March 02, 2015
Short for "Balls On My Face," indicating extreme displeasure and annoyance arising from some situation

Also short for actual balls being on your face.
"Dude I was just thinking about how it is bomf that you are not going to be in NJ this summer."
"Put your bomf"
by Shannon Ealy May 12, 2007
Mostly seen as Balls on my face these days but could also be "Back on my feet"
I got bomf when I got a job.
by TheOtterJames August 19, 2015
A title you give a female when she bleeds all over your fingers after finger sex.

Blood On My Fingers
When I picked him up at six in the morning. His hand was covered in blood. She is now known as a B.O.M.F
by MBRA January 12, 2011
Bowel Movement Food: Food you eat to gut unplugged after getting stopped up. Normally high fiber or trigger foods for your bowels to do their business. Important part of the food pyramid for bingers of cheese, meat and bread....
Slacker: "Dude, after eating 2 lbs of cheese sticks dipped in queso I need some BoMF"
Slackerette:"Here's a fiber bar, ear of corn and a box of bran cereal"
Slacker: "Sweeeettt, my bowels will be movin to the groove in no time"
by TedDeadMan June 28, 2011
Signifies aural pleasures rooted in Bass notes; the ever-repeating sound that a kick-arse electronic music party creates
Can ya hear the BOMF? I think we're almost there!
Wanna come to my BOMF party?

by H - Dawg August 03, 2006
BOMF is an acronym for Best Of My Friends/Burnt Out Mother Fuckers.
Friday night I'll be hang'n with the BOMFs
by Robbie robbino November 12, 2010
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