Both Of My Boobs Are Yours
Man: I wanna go motorboating on you tonite ;)

(motorboating - rubbing face in bewbs)

Woman: BOMBAY (Both Of My Boobs Are Yours)

Note: It can also mean Both Of My Balls Are Yours
by God of Wrath January 06, 2010
The Bombay Chronic.
"Now, if you think you ran into sum riche. Wrong Way!
Turn around, but you can still hit this. Bombay!" - Dogg Pound
by Diego September 11, 2003
as in bombay duck = fuck (rhyming slang)

used in the context of 'not giving a care'
"I don't give a flying bombay about it !"
by brewlio April 29, 2007
both my balls are yours
men ahhjhsk akjxsgjhhd azlkljd
by scaria January 30, 2005

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