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its a popsicle that is totally da bomb. hence the name bomp pop. its red white and blue and stains things if you drip the juice anywhere.
"dude that bomb pop was totally rad, but i got it in my car."
by sharted b4 u July 23, 2005
During sex where the gentleman achieves an erection then ties a string around his penis quickly turning it blue. He then proceeds to have intercourse to completion, with his significant other, who happens to be menstruating, giving his now multi-colored erection the appearance of the delicious summertime treat.
My girlfriend has been getting out of sex with this period bullshit for days, but finally I told her I'm going to give her a Bomb Pop. She seemed overly excited, I probably should have elaborated...
by loudzak July 03, 2014
The act of punching a girl giving her a bloody nose, then ejaculating on to her stomac and then puking on her legs after you have eaten lots of blue food items.
"Dude i so bomb poped that hooker last night"
by wmccarthy09 May 10, 2010
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