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All Your Snakes Are Belong To Us is created using the same video game animation as used in All Your Base Are Belong To Us. The video can be found on the website of the same name, and is unique in that it alters the dialogue found in the 'All Your Base Are Belong To Us' and uses different images containing the 'all your snakes are belong to us' phrase.

All your snakes are belong to us can also be use as a victorious battle cry after having achieved something.

Inspired by the badass movie "Snakes on a Plane", starring the Number 1 badass himself, Samuel L. Jackson.
Guy 1: Dude we totally owned you Guy 3!
Guy 2: Yeah, all your snakes are belong to us, for sure!
Guy 3: You guys suck... :(


(after walking out of Snakes on a Plane)
Guy 1: This movie owns your life Guy 3!
Guy 2: All your snakes are belong to Samuel Jackson.
Guy 3: Leave me alone! ;'(
by Inflicted August 20, 2006
The "You know (enter activity) too much if" game is the product of various blogging/message board occurrences.

Usually, one initaiates this post with a common obsession/interest of the group such as a video game, book, etc.
Here's an example of you know you... too much if.

You know you've been on Urbandictionary.com too much if:

-you check your email only to see if there are any new entries that day

-you make new entries to see how many people will give you a thumbs up

-you make an entry that explains the "you know you _____ too much if game"

You get it, right?
by Inflicted February 20, 2006
The resulting movies/films/any other works that have ever had the misfortune of Uwe Boll's direction.

As in "They suck Bolls."
Existing Bolls are:

Heart of America
House of the Dead
Alone in the Dark
and more recently Bloodrayne.

Soon-to-be Bolls are:

Fear Effect
Far Cry
Hunter: The Reckoning
by Inflicted February 13, 2006
You dont know what d'oh means ?
-Dude, i never knew that e raised to negative imaginary pi is -1!
by Inflicted December 06, 2005
Jellicle is a word created by Andrew Lloyd Webber in his hit musical "Cats". It is a word that has vast meaning yet... is indescribable. Jellicle cats are thought to be superior over other street cat, though what actually constitutes a Jellicle cat is unknown.
The introduction of "Cats" uses Jellicle word multiple times. Seems to be a term of superiority.
by Inflicted January 05, 2006

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