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the envy of both men and women. a brilliant person with more sex appeal than the Victoria's Secret catalog.
"Did you feel that? I just dilated. I think a bolen just walked in the room."

"Yea I totally got that vibe, my panties are soaking wet. There she is - bolen."
by JillianJones November 11, 2006
A douche-bag so terribly ass-bagish that his mere pressence requires everyone in the room to perform an anal or vaginal douche (dependingn on there sexual orientation, or flexability) simply to rid thereselves of the stench of him.
Guy 1*
Is that a bottle of thud-rud in your hand? (liqour that smells strangely of a dead rotting cow that has been lit a-flame)
Guy 2*
Why no, I do believe it is a bolen. Lets kill it before it migrates.
by Sate-the-masses January 27, 2005
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