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Spanish for balls.
(Upon getting into a cold swimming pool and having the water kiss the underside of your scrotus):

Aaah, mis bolas!
by Ian Chode August 24, 2003
An exclamation used by Filipinos when they don't believe what you just said.
Matt: "When the wind blows your hair across your face, it takes my breath away"

Yol: "Bola"
#bullshit #lie #doubtful #don't believe #full of shit
by *The Mateo* June 15, 2011
dick between the size 7inches to 10 inches
"there is a saying in africa, white boys have men have BOLA!!!"
#chico stick #dick #meat #magic stick #mandingo
by threalboycliq December 14, 2005
Short for Ebola
Person 1: *Sneeze*
Person 2: 'bola!!! (/°<°)/
#ebola #cure #bola #bols #gñih
by TheCrimsonCockatoo November 13, 2014
A loving amazing person known to have a good time with friends and hold his head up at all times. He is a faithful commited person at all times and is currently in love with the love of his life. Love you habibi
Bola and I are getting married
#bishoy #mina #ameer #steven #love
by love you habibi! May 05, 2013
A weapon consisting of a long leather cord with a round lead weight at each end. When swung through the air and thrown, can entangle (or concuss) a target. Once used in Argentina to hunt rheas.
The bolas was a standard piece of equipment for the gauchos of Argentina.
by Anon November 13, 2004
Lamer giant, see terrorist.
Look at that bola!
by Brian Han October 22, 2003
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