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the word literally means a male goat but is often used to identify pervert males. A person who is always trying to get into someones pants.
Don't be a boka and leave the poor girl alone.
#pervert #girl #poor #goat #pant
by Cecs Fabregas April 30, 2011
Allergic to alcohol
I have alkohol-allergi!
by Roar Ljoekelsøy April 07, 2005
Idiot in Bangla
Boka, tumi kichu jaane naa!
"Idiot, you don't know shit!"
#idiot #dumbass #stupid #fool #dumb
by doodlebug4 April 27, 2015
The sound a gun makes
Boka! Boka!
by Anonymous October 13, 2003
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